“Which business can I start with X amount and get good returns? I am in town A. Please don’t suggest eBooks, AIM global and those online jobs. I want a genuine business idea.”


Every morning, I wake up to find scores of people posting as above looking for business ideas. Whether on Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn or any other forum.

I get amazed at how most people water down the requirements of starting a business, especially the service business. They promote businesses that need stock as ‘genuine’. They even put a disclaimer on their posts… “Serious business only”.


My question to you is, what makes the business serious? Is it the number of years? The stuff it sells? The money it makes or the stock in it?


Feel free to challenge my thinking. Maybe I could be missing a point. Meanwhile, let me share a few thoughts on a good business.


A good business is that investment that resonates with your interests. One that you can do day and night even when there’s no income. It could be based on products or services.


In service industry, you are paid for the work you do and not for the items you sold. Many people make a living writing, singing, acting, MC jobs, researching, training, interpreting, tour-guiding, even campaigning during elections.

It’s a personal choice what you want to venture into but above everything else, I would suggest you invest where your passion is. Whether you want to sell clothes or kitchen ware or services such as counseling, choose something you love to do.


When seasons are low and no one is buying or selling and almost every government institution is on strike; there’s one thing that will keep you motivated, YOUR PASSION.

In many countries, few parents worry about their children’s passion. Kids go to school and join the system, choose courses within the school’s provision and study them to perfection.


After school, most of them realize the courses they chose may not lead them to their dream job and so they start tarmacking, office to office, website to website looking for any open door and then, one day, the door opens… any door.


From there, their motivation comes from their pay-slip and the allowances and probably the workload that keeps them on their toes and so life goes on.


So, let’s assume for a moment you are not like ‘them’.


What is your life’s driving force? How do you fuel that passion? How does it butter your bread?


Today, I want to help you discover yourself.


These are a few pointers to discovering your passion…


  1. The easiest way to know your passion is by evaluating yourself and writing down those tasks you do with ease even without motivation. Even if it’s organizing your house, you could be a very talented (extreme) home maker, who knows? That could be your breakthrough.


  1. Write down the things that people compliment you about. For example, you sound angelic on phone; your choice of clothes is epic. Nurture that uniqueness, look for opportunities to grow. Make it your business.


  1. Another way of finding out your passion that people hardly consider is those things that irk people. Do they always tell you…you are too attentive to detail, you are loud, and you always ‘steal the show’? Turn their anger into money. Yes, make it work for you.


  1. The things you are deeply concerned about can also be your calling… maybe it pains you to see waste, you recycle everything and you therefore keep lots of trash. Let that concern consume you into action and production.


  1. Find out what you always fall back to. When things are not working at all and everything seems pitch dark, when you wake-up, what is the one thing you would do without needing any motivation? Do it. Tha is your core.


How to Fuel Your Passion:


  1. Learn/Increase knowledge on your passion: – When you know how to succeed in an area, there is definitely some excitement in it.


  1. Grow daily: Stagnant water stinks, so does our life, when we do not grow, we lose taste, making sure you are better today than yesterday helps you to stay passionate.


  1. Team work: Having accountability and support partners keeps you focused and excited about a goal. That’s why companies invest in team building activities.


  1. Help others to grow: – when you empty yourself to others willingly, a sweet hunger develops within and your energy is refueled.


There are a few passion killers I want to share with you in closing: –


  1. Complacency: As humans, we like it easy. If we were to wake up, read the newspaper, watch TV and get paid, it would be awesome. Unfortunately, life is not so. You have to wake up, work and then get paid. Sometimes we prefer to do the bare minimum, that’s a passion killer. If you just live without taking risks, improving yourself, wanting to be the best, you will not be productive and life will be boring.


Arise, shake of the dust and forge forward. Work like you are retiring tomorrow.


  1. Fear: You cannot always assume the worst will happen and expect disaster. Be positive! When you set a goal, gear up yourself to win. Do not fear the hindrances; face them and ask for help when need be but let not fear hold you back.


  1. Following the masses: Some people never ever step out of the crowd. They follow shyly behind and refuse to contribute from the front. When the masses fail, they fail. When the masses win, they win. They really never own anything. It’s always us! When will you stand to be counted?


  1. Complaining: If you don’t like it, change it. If you can’t change it, turn that struggle into an opportunity. There’s always a better option to sulking and speaking negatively about a situation. Look for that silver lining in your dark cloud.


  1. Waiting for the perfect season forever: – A farmer prepares land for sowing way before the rains. You cannot be a last minute person and expect miraculous results. Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity. If the opportunity finds you are not ready, someone else will simply take it from you and you will surely get hurt.



Finally, life is a race. Your race. Race as if all the forces of heaven are behind you. Run and do not relent; until you reach that goal… and then start again.


What do you think about this topic? What is your take home? As usual, let’s engage in the comments section.

Your Friend Always,


A friendly journey to a financial freedom


  1. Good topic and article. It’s worth reading Catherine.

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