The Most Powerful Words in Marketing


In business, the ball is normally in the buyer’s court. Several sellers on the other side are drooling and pushing each other to get the attention of the buyer and because time is short; there has to be tactics each of the seller uses to win the goal (to sell).

Each seller wants to sell the most, at the best price and even retain the client for repeat purchases.

But how can a seller win with all this competition?

I will tell you; one, sell value, two, create powerful connections with your customers and three, own them.

In marketing, we reach out to get. If the ‘getting’ does not happen, then, the business is most likely to fail.

BUT, today we are on the winning side. Specifically; we’re discussing which words to use to capture the buyers attention.

Whether it’s Tele-marketing, Media advertising, Social Media or one on-one-marketing; these words will give you a cutting edge.



  1. New

People like ‘fresh stuff’. Even if you are selling a refurbished item, using ‘New Improved…’ will have you capture attention than any other title on your goods. Advertisers use this word to give a feeling of originality or to sensitize you by making you feel as if you are a part of the discovering team.

  1. You

When I address you, I could be referring to you as a person or to a group of people. But because of the nature of this word; the buyer feels that the conversation is personal and not generalized. What do you feel when you read this? “You and I make a great team”. It’s personal, isn’t it?

It’s a very convincing word that pulls the audience to listen to you.

  1. Love

The most utilized word in the world yet it still has its power.

Do not over-use it but feel free to use it as a promise. For example; “I know you will love your stay” or “I know you love your new look”.

It appeals to the emotions of the buyer and makes the customer gain a personal touch to the product.

  1. Secure or safe

Most buyers, women especially view safety as a deal breaker. They want assurance that whatever the y are purchasing is not just safe for them, but for their families too.

Any sense of un-certainty will push them away from an item, it’s brand or even from you.

Use these words to create a sense of protection or “no need to worry” feeling.


  1. Outcome or Results

So, I have bought your product, will it meet my expectations? Is it a solution to my need? These answers may be obvious to you but to the buyer, they are a puzzle. You need to convince your client that the results they are after are in your product.

Where applicable, use samples or testimonials to give your customer the assurance they are looking for.


  1. Save/ Spare

Most of the solutions we are buying today are not the original solutions. We already have a way out. We are only looking for a faster, more convenient and time conserving solution.

Your ability to convince me to buy your product is in the word ‘SAVE’. I am interested in saving time, money and any other related resource.


  1. Health

If a product has to appeal, it must give the impression that it’s going to have a healthy effect to me. I need to feel strong, well-able, young and well-taken care of. Health is one of the most sensitive topics and relevant to all generations.

This word requires to be applied sensitively as it means different things to different people. It’s also heavily regulated so you don’t want to make promises you cannot keep or defend.


These are some of the most influential words in business. They can shift your business from loss to profit. Do you believe that? Try them today, and give us feedback.

Your insights are much welcome in the comments section.


Your friend always,




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